Our Staff

Our team has completed more than 200 real estate acquisitions and we are qualified to handle most transactions in the real estate industry. Our dedicated staff is committed to helping people with their real estate needs and making successful deals happen. Even with our vast “hands on” experience we have invested numerous hours and a tremendous amount of capital educating our staff. Our team has the expertise to navigate most real estate transactions and the drive to follow up on our promises. Through deployment of industry related best practices and our continuing education program, we feel we have some of the best trained people in the real estate industry. This allows us to give our clients the best possible service while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Our Acquisition’s, Finance and Technology people are amongst the best in the industry.

Acquisitions Team: Our Acquisitions team is very experienced, devoted and just easy to deal with. Having completed hundreds of transactions they have the experience that our investors are looking for and demand.

Our Acquisition Manager is an accomplished real estate investment professional with more than 15 years business experience in the industry. Helping buyers, sellers and investors meet and exceed their real estate investment goal is his passion. Over the past 15 years, his personal portfolio has consisted of more than $52,000,000 in acquisitions of commercial and residential property. Having facilitated more than $89,500,000 of commercial and multifamily acquisitions for his clients. His unique skill set allows him to evaluate a parcel of land or an existing building to determine its highest and best use; estimate its potential worth; negotiate the purchase; facilitate getting the project entitled, financed, constructed, leased and managed. These skills have enabled him to help others achieve great success.

His in-depth knowledge of real estate investing and strong leadership skills allow partners and clients to take advantage of new business opportunities through strategic and creative solutions that yield prodigious results. An extensive list of industry specific contacts helps him to facilitate getting deals done more efficiently, effectively and accurately. This vast network also helps to be an even better resource, allowing me to conduct business in a highly collaborative way.

Specialties: currently putting small groups of investors together, through the LLC and LLP structures to purchase income properties, and distressed properties with great upside potential. These properties are being acquired for current income and / or future capital growth. Many of these investors are using their IRA, 401K and other retirement funds, or cashing out of the stock market to invest in real estate. These funds can be transferred tax free if handled properly.

Specialized in land and building acquisitions of single tenant triple net lease retail and hospitality properties throughout the North East. He identified suitable properties for various corporations such as Auto Zone, ATT, Texas Road House, Ruby Tuesdays, Starbucks and many other corporate entities. These properties were targeted based upon very specific criteria given to him by the tenants. Some of this criteria included demographics, cost, upward trending markets, accessibility, and most importantly the location within these specified primary and tertiary markets. He performed comprehensive due diligence reports that contained detailed market analysis reports that would clearly demonstrate the subject properties were in 100% conformance with the tenant’s strict criteria for any given market.

He performed a detailed analysis for many new and existing tenants of office buildings. Some of these analytical reports included the three standard practices of property valuation, Sales Comparison, Cost approach and the Income analysis approach. He performed Hold vs. Sell vs. Refinance vs. sell then lease analysis when the tenants owned their own building. He performed buy vs. lease when an existing tenant was renting and was trying to determine whether or not to purchase an office building.

He worked with investors and Multifamily management companies to put together strategic business models for the acquisition of new Multifamily assets in communities where the markets were trending upward. By working with numerous property owners to determine the highest and best use of their property and replacing their existing tenants with higher credit worthy tenants, He was able to substantially increase the IRR on their existing real estate assets. This in turn enabled them to purchase even more real estate and build their total net worth.

Finance Team: Our Finance department is made up Mortgage Bankers, a Senior Loan Officer from a Large Regional bank. They are experts at handling our Financing, Bank loans and Private money.

Private Money Lending is important to any Residential Investment Company. It brings speed and efficiency to transactions, and leverage is far greater when houses are purchased using private cash funds. Many of the homes we purchase need a quick sale and are motivated buyers for various reasons.

A traditional bank requires 30-45 days to close a loan, these homes are in need of a sale within 10-14 days. Many traditional home sales fall out of contract because of financing issues, using quick cash as leverage allows us to negotiate a much lower purchase price and reduce the risk.

Being able to offer a fast closing with private funds motivates sellers to take our offer over the competition, and entices them to take a much lower price than they would from a conventional buyer. This is where our Finance Department Excels. Lending guidelines are also continually changing and are requiring applications, approvals, junk fees and strict investor guidelines. They also limit the number of investment properties that can be purchased by one company. Our finance department works through all of these issues.

Our Technology Team: Through technology our staff has been able to create a huge advantage over our completion through detailed workflow processes that allow our staff to actually complete work on a scale that would normally require 4 times the personnel. This allows us to reduce spending on the number of people needed in our workforce.

Our technology has designed four systems/software platforms in place that allow us to greatly leverage existing resources to quickly identify great Investor properties. These Platforms allow us to accelerate the process of finding these properties through Sheriff Sales, Auctions, Bank REO Tapes, Motivated Sellers and MLS.

They have also designed “Proprietary Property Comparison System” [PPCS] that allows us to quickly determine the ARV (After Renovation Value) by utilizing a combination of 3 Industry proven methods of BPO’s, Realtor CMA’s and the appraiser methods of “normalizing” the subject property (apples to apples approach) to other comparable properties within the same or similar GEO location.

Our “Proprietary Property Matching Software” [PPMS] matches a property to our list of Real estate Investors, Cash Buyers and landlords.


We are able to manage THOUSANDS of buyers and sellers in an automated fashion.

It’s truly amazing to see what our team has accomplished in automating virtually every task!!

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