Our Team

I am the founder and owner of PDA Homes, LLC. We buy and sell single and multi-family investment properties in PA, NJ, MD & DE. We also wholesale properties nationwide.

We have established a good reputation with various local and national: banks (REO Departments), asset management companies and groups, auction houses, probate and divorce attorneys and a large network of investors who at any time may be ready to retire and liquidate their assets.

We have three very strong Acquisitions Team Members that have proven to be critical for our success. In many cases we are able to purchase 35%-55% below a particular market’s ARV [After Repair Value]. This is far below what the average investor is able to purchase on their own. We offer these properties to cash buyers for rehabbing and wholesaling.

In PA, NJ, MD & DE we also will renovate and sell these assets to retail buyers/landlords. We will bring the renters in, stabilize the rent for the entire asset, put a management company in place, then we sell this asset to investors looking for Turnkey Investment Properties.

At PDA Homes the four things that set up apart from many in this business is 1) Integrity 2) Knowledge 3) Transparency and 4) Sophistication. We have very sophisticated marketing, technological applications and a detailed work flow process for everything that we do that enables us to obtain, review and present more opportunities to our own acquisitions team and other investors to review that most of our competitors.

As the Owner of PDA Homes I am responsible for the effective and successful management of the company’s portfolio of affordable residential housing, including setting strategic direction for the property management team, leading the team to achieve established goals, and directly participating in related business negotiations significant to the operations of the company. My primary role is working to provide a quality product and to promote positive working relationships with investors, colleagues, partners, vendors and employees.

Our goal here is close A LOT of profitable deals that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved. To do this we network with other real estate investors, wholesalers, rehabbers, form joint ventures. Are you a looking to build wealth?