The 624 Hartman Avenue Project


This Home was really in bad shape when we started. EVERYTHING had to be renovated. From the exterior siding, fencing, to an all new interior. We chose to give the new home owners what they expected, a virtually new home. All new lighting, kitchen, appliances, flooring, painting etc was completed.


Create a new:  Laundry Area, “Eat In”  Kitchen and a Breakfast Bar without losing a bedroom and still be able to do a complete make over on this home while maintaining budget.


Move the structural wall that separating the kitchen and living room toward the living room to allow for a kitchen table. Move the existing laundry area 12 feet to allow for a breakfast bar. The result was a design that maximized every square inch of the house and created a living space that has a really good flow.

Hartman Ave Ext After (1)

The exterior of the house after renovation.

Project: Hartman Avenue
Size: 1164 sq ft
Date: 2013